The bloody Haradinaj brothers – terrorists committed monstrous crimes


Terrorists and murderers of the Haradinaj brothers

Daut Haradinaj, called Cufi and Obogaljeni, is the most trusted and closest associate of Ramush Haradinaj’s older brother, now in criminal affairs, and earlier in terrorism.

Terrorists and murderers of the Haradinaj brothers


Daut, together with his brothers, Ramush and the now deceased Škeljzen, initiated the organization of the KLA in the area of ​​Metohija. The KLA in the area of ​​Metohija began with major terrorist attacks in the fall of 1997. Thus, on November 26, 1997, the police in the village of Lausa were attacked, but the terrorists were repulsed and one of them was killed (Hasim Geci).

At his solemn funeral, two days later, a group of KLA members in uniform and insignia appeared for the first time, led by Daut Haradinaj. He and his brothers organized the KLA headquarters in his native Glodjani and became Ramush’s first deputy. He was later appointed a member of the KLA Main Staff and commander of the 131st Isuf Grvala Brigade, whose members committed a large number of crimes in the Decani area.

Terrorist attacks became more intense and by May 1998, the villages around Peja, Gjakova, Decani and Klina were being ethnically cleansed, so that there were no more Serbs. From March to September 1998, 30 police officers were killed in the area controlled by units under the command of the Haradinaj brothers. Daut is severely wounded in the conflicts and is left without the work of one hand, hence the nickname The Disabled.

Particularly serious crimes were committed in the improvised prison in Glođani, which was under the direct control of the Haradinaj brothers. Serb investigators have uncovered how civilians were tortured and killed in the camp; Slobodan Radojevic, Milos and Milica Radunovic, Milka Vlahovic, Darinka Kovac, Novica Vujisic, Zdravko Radunovic, Dragan Djukic, Miloje and Vinka Krstic… Daut Haradinaj, according to Serbian investigators, was directly involved in the murder of Slobodan Prascevic and police officer Milorad Otasevic. The end of the conflict in the southern Serbian province was not the end of Daut’s terrorist activities. Although the international community made a concession to him after the formation of the KPC, he was appointed deputy commander and then commander of the 3rd RTG, and he became one of the main organizers of terrorist activities in Macedonia. That is why it reached the American black list on June 26, 2001, and has not been removed from it to this day.


The name of Daut Haradinaj is associated with the organization of numerous liquidations. The killings of witnesses to the Haradinaj brothers’ crimes began immediately after the end of the war, and culminated in 2003, when four protected witnesses were killed. That year, Tahir Zemalj was killed with his son Enis and cousin Hasan. Tahir was the FARK military commander in the Dukagjin zone, where Haradinaj commanded. The Hague Prosecution reached an agreement with Zemalj to testify about Haradinaj’s crimes, but he was killed, about which Carla del Ponte also wrote. It is suspected that Daut was in charge of these liquidations while Ramush was under charges at The Hague tribunal. KFOR arrested Dauta in 2002 on suspicion of involvement in criminal activities, and Ramush organized demonstrations in front of him and even an attack on the “Dubrava” prison.


According to the BIA, the Haradinaj brothers are the leaders of a large criminal clan whose activities are focused on “illegal trade in weapons, drugs, excise goods, stolen vehicles, as well as racketeering of the Albanian population.”

“The smuggled goods are distributed to Macedonia, southern Serbia, the Raska region, and Montenegro, using the Pec-Kula-Rozaje road,” the BIA report states. The Haradinaj clan relies on the Ekrem Luka family. The Kelmendi family, led by Nasser, is closely linked to the Haradinaj family and “controls drug and oil smuggling, human trafficking, and money laundering in the Peja area.” Also, Haradinaj is connected with the Babalji clan, which operates in the area of ​​Gjakova and “deals with the smuggling of gasoline from Albania, and the illegal drug trade.”

Connections with Islamic terrorists

Daut Haradinaj is mentioned in the BIA report as the main contact with Islamic terrorist organizations.

“On behalf of the KPC command, he was in charge of coordinating work with the Islamic terrorist organization Al Qaeda. In that capacity, in October 2001, he organized a meeting in Sofia with Muhammad al-Zawahiri, the brother of the ideological leader of the mentioned organization, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, “the BIA report states. It is known that Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci met with Osama bin Laden in Albania.

Bodies as warnings, cruel liquidations

The victims of the Haradinaj brothers in Kosovo and Metohija. Albanian civilians were not spared either. The Haradinaj brothers raped women and children and brutally tortured them. The bodies of the victims were often left in the places where they were tortured and killed, to serve as an example to the enemies.

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